TSB Services Groups’ SAM, Security Access Manager, is the optional software module for the SEM, Site Events Manager, application.

SAM is a versatile, easy-to-use module that allows network administrators to control and configure user access to remote sites and site data.  Once installed, SAM is transparent to SEM-Solo users. SAM is a scalable module that can manage an unlimited number of sites and users.




SAM maintains a system administrator-defined database containing Classes of Users, Classes of Sites and individual User Accounts.  This makes it possible to control user access to specific sites, or to specific element types, or to certain activities or information at every site.  For example:  ‘Read Only’ access to Avaya equipment in the Future Shop network.




The multiple levels of security provided by SAM allow administrators to create a security management environment that preserves flexibility, ensures access control and protects customer premises equipment and data.


SAM generates a security log file that records the login activity of all SEM users.  The log allows administrators to monitor all users’ attempts to login to SEM.











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